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Do You Have a Question? We Have an Answer.

Q. How about capacity?

A. Onedutch machine can extract 8L of coffee (Model A & B ) 4L of coffee (Model C) But,you can adjust Liter of coffee according to setting.

Q. how long it take extraction of coffee ?

You can extract coffee and control time (maximum 72 hours) and amount of water.

Q. What is disposables ? how to manage ?

A. The Machine have two of disposable.
1. ECO ZEN - This is semipermanent but if this change shape and have any polution, Please use new one. ( you can order Onedutch company)
2. Electronic valve - This can use 1year when you use standard recipe from Onedutch Company. charge for replacement is 20USD per one *travel expense is different of distance.
We recomand that you must change this compoent per 1year and when you will do that, Onedutch will replace  all of water line together.

Q. How to clean machine ?

A. User can clean ECOZEN component to seperate each part. we recomand that you use sponge. *ECOZEN is modified when you clean hot water Over 60ºC.

We recomand that you clean water tank per 1month (minimum claning per 1Q). After claning ,If user dont connect fitting, it makes the waterleak.

Q. Can user buy each components and disposables ?

A. You can order all of component Via in charge of Onedutch staff. If you want to order what is part, Please feel free contact.

Q. What is metarials to use machine for manufacturing ?

A. The machine use SUS304, 강판(GI), ECOZEN

Q. What is gurantee ?

A. wanrranty time is 1year about all of disposable except electronic valve. If user make problem, this case is not free of charge. If you can see problem of electronic valve untill 2weeks, This case is free of charge.

Q. If user order machine, How long it take installation ?

A. After order, It takes 1~2weeks to install machine. If you have any question, Please contact.

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